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The Snaglepuss Project is a project that aims to create a multimedia authoring enviornment for GNOME one step at a time.

Snaglepuss was started in late 1999 as a C++ multimedia project for my independent studies project. At the time both GNOME and KDE had limited multimedia capabilities so it was decided that Xlib would be used. Along the way the frontend was switched to SDL and SOMELib was created to allow for dynamic C++ object loading to be used as a plugin system. After awhile it became apparent that this wasn't going to work. It was slow and I found myself concentrating on plumming things like object loaders and not being able to concentrate on the higher level multimedia stuff.

With the advent of Gnome 2.0, GObjects, Pango, XFT, XRender and GStreamer things have changed for the better. I have decided to restart the Snaglepuss Project as a Gnome 2.0 application based on C and GObjects. The plan is to reuse the original design but this time start with the authoring application instead of the player.

The application will be created as modules with each module being useful for projects beyond Snaglepuss. Each module will be tested by being integrated as plugins into Anjuta2. When all of the modules are resonably finnished they will be stiched together to form a multimedia authoring enviornment and player.

The modules:

  • GObject Factory - a GObject creation tool (ver 0.0.1)
  • Asset Manager - a drag and drop tool used to store multimedia assets in a logical structure (design)
  • Timeline - a tool for ordering and manipulating elements in time based fashion (design)
  • Movie Canvas - a tool used for diplaying optimized multimedia content (design)