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The modules are being designed as seperate entities that will one day work together to form a greater program. As such they will be able to be used in other projects but the main focus will be Snaglepuss. To test the modules they will be integrated into Anjuta2 as a 3rd party plugin which will allow the modules to be easly integrated into other projects. Each module, except for support modules like GObject Factory, will be implemented with a Model/View architecture and will remain somewhat compatible with Gtk's TreeViews for debugging purposes.

The modules:

  • GObject Factory - a GObject creation tool (ver 0.0.1)
  • Asset Manager - a drag and drop tool used to store multimedia assets in a logical structure (design)
  • Timeline - a tool for ordering and manipulating elements in time based fashion (design)
  • Movie Canvas - a tool used for diplaying optimized multimedia content (design)